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Is your computer's case hidden away and you can't see its drive led? Is your laptop missing a drive led? Would you like to be able to monitor the disk activity on some of the computers on your network? Do you have SATA drives and would like to be able to monitor them?

Then SoftLeds is exactly the tool you're looking for.

Standard Layout

Alternate Layout

Merged icons

SoftLeds can monitor the activity of any number of disks on your machine and machines on your network. It does so by displaying icons on your tray area, each one representing a disk being monitored.

Each icon displays the drive letter and two leds:

  • The green led is used to display any activity where the operating system reads from the drive
  • And the red led is used to display when the operating system is writing to the drive
  • Icons with a small yellow dot on the top/left corner of the drive letter indicate drives that are located on a remote machine

SoftLeds can also use the ScrollLock led on your keyboard to display the disk access on all the monitored drives.

You can also use the OSD, an On-Screen Display which can be positioned anywhere on the Desktop.

Or you can even attach the led icons on the title bar of whatever application you're currently using!

Now that you know how powerful and versatile SoftLeds is, all you have to do is download it and give it a try!