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Thank you for all your feedback!
PopUp Killer Home Thu, Mar 11, 2004
In the past week we have recollected several hundred applications and proposals from developers all over the world willing to take over the PopUp Killer project.

We're now in the process of evaluating them, although there're many chances that we may make the PopUp Killer project Open Source.

This means that PopUp Killer's source code will be published on the Internet so developers all over the world can contribute to it.

Keep checking this section of our web site for updated information regarding PUK's future.

PopUp Killer is no longer...
PopUp Killer Home Sun, Mar 03, 2002
Today is a sad day.

After numerous reports of problems with Internet Explorer from many new PopUp Killer users I have decided to discontinue my most beloved little baby.

At 6 years of age, the most popular ads control application is deceased..

Under other circumstances I would have tried to figure out the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, the cause appears to be related to a combination of factors that I just can't reproduce. Problems with the setup, with the user's machines, bugs in Internet Explorer, illegal (bootleg) versions of PopUp Killer floating around on the internet, lack of support back from the users having this problem and many other situations have made of this problem a disease that affected PopUp Killer for about 3 months and finally, as any mortal virus, took its life.

I would like to thank and express my most sincere gratitude to the thousands of users who in one way or another offered their support to make of this program the most popular and most used application to control those nasty, annoying and intrusive popups.

It was fun while it lasted...