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KeyLaunch is a small utility to let you access the thousands of documents on your computer with just a few keystrokes. At its time of release back in 2002, KeyLaunch was the first ever instant desktop search utility for Windows!

With today's huge hard drives, which can store millions of files, accessing a particular document on your computer can be a tedious job. The Windows' START menu is meant to alleviate this, with features such as the Recent menu, the My Documents menu, etcetera... but we all know that's not enough.

Most of the time, accessing a particular file can represent several dozen of mouse clicks navigating several folders or menus.

With KeyLaunch and just a couple of keystrokes you can access any document like you have never done before!

You will be surprised of how fast you locate documents you don't even know where they actually are!

KeyLaunch will sit hidden on the top of your screen. Then, when you need it, simply press the Scroll Lock key and start typing a couple of letters from the document you're looking for.

It doesn't matter the type of document; whether it is an MP3, a Word document, an Internet shortcut or even a program KeyLaunch will find it for you in a matter of seconds.

Then... the next time you type those same letters again KeyLaunch will access that document for you automatically.

Or you can even assign shortcut keys to access your favorite applications or documents by simply pressing the Scroll Lock key plus one of the functions keys.

To really experience what having KeyLaunch feels like... you have to try it.
Click here to download it now!

In just a couple of days you'll wonder how you did live with out it!

Configuring KeyLaunch is as easy as it can get.

The Folders dialog comes pre-configured to let you choose which of the most common folders you want KeyLaunch to search in.

To add new folders simply drag them over the Folders pane...
And for those folders with sub folders you can choose which subfolders you want to include in the search and which not.

KeyLaunch will also let you configure which file types to search. And setting this up couldn't be easier.

You can either select the file types manually or simply drag and drop a file of the type you want to select into the File Types pane and KeyLaunch will select its type for you.

So if you want KeyLaunch to search for Adobe Acrobat files you don't have to know that these files have a .pdf extension... simply drop an Acrobat Reader document onto the File Types pane and KeyLaunch will recognize the dropped file type automatically.

You can also customize KeyLaunch's interface: select the Preferences dialog and you will be presented with a set of options to tune up the appearance of the program to fit your particular needs.

Set it to start with Windows, to display an icon on the tray area for easier access to the options menu and even set the main KeyLaunch's interface to appear semitransparent!