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Have you ever tried to change the extension of a file from within the Windows Explorer?

Have you ever tried to know the extension of some file?

Or just tried to know which program is the default application associated with a certain file?

Well... you have two options under Windows:

1) You launch a DOS session and rename the file to change its extension.
Isn't it amazing that after 6 years we still need to use DOS to work with our files?

2) You uncheck the option "Hide file extensions of known file types" from Explorer's Folder Options dialog.
This method requires lots of mouse clicks and usually you will want to restore the setting to hide the extensions requiring even more mouse clicks... just annoying!

Well... File Extension Manager, FEM for short, is the missing feature in Windows Explorer to let you change the extension of any file with ease:

Just rightclick over any file, and FEM will tell you the extension of the file.

Click on the File Extension Manager menu entry and you will be presented with a list of all the registered file types for you to choose from.

Here's a small list of the most important features in FEM:

  • See the extension of one or several files by simply rightclicking them
  • Change the extension of one or several files all at once
  • Change the description of any extension
  • Change the icon associated with the extension
  • Change the programs used to manipulate the extension
  • Change the creation, access and modified time stamp of any file
  • Change the standard attributes (archive, read-only, system, hidden) of one or several files all at once
  • With the use of the FEM MultiSel easily select a group of files based on their extension