DHTML Menu Builder [DynAPI 1.1]
Saturday April 12, 2008



WARNING: The information on this documentation will change as the development on this version of DHTML Menu Builder progresses.
It is VERY important that you always refer to the information provided in this document prior to testing new versions of the DynAPI code.

Events Handling Functions

void dmbAPI_setItemState(Item, State)


Sets the state of an Item.
An Item can be enabled or disabled. A disabled item will not respond to any mouse actions.

Code sample
var nc = dmbAPI_getItemByCaption("My Command");
dmbAPI_setItemState(nc, false);
This sample demonstrates how to change the state of a menu item.
First we obtain a reference to the item we want to modify and then we pass this reference to the dmbAPI_setItemState function followed by false, which means that the menu item will be disabled.


Item (objid) The item whose state will be changed.

State (boolean) The state value which can either be true or false.