DHTML Menu Builder [DynAPI 1.1]
Saturday April 12, 2008



WARNING: The information on this documentation will change as the development on this version of DHTML Menu Builder progresses.
It is VERY important that you always refer to the information provided in this document prior to testing new versions of the DynAPI code.

Adding/Removing Items Functions

void dmbAPI_removeCommand(Item)


Removes a command from a group.

Code sample
var nc = dmbAPI_getItemByCaption("My Command");
This sample demonstrates how to remove command.
First we use the
dmbAPI_getItemByCaption function to obtain a reference to the command that we want to remove and then we call dmbAPI_removeCommand to remove it.

In the case where two or more items have the same caption we can provide the dmbAPI_getItemByCaption function with more information. For example:

var nc = dmbAPI_getItemByCaption("My Command", null, "grp003");

In this version of the code we will receive a reference to a command whose caption is "My Command" and the command exists inside the "grp003" group.


Item (objid)The command to be removed must be passed as a parameter to the function.