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DHTML Menu Builder Registration Information

Since the official release of DHTML Menu Builder 3.0, no unlock codes or serial numbers are required.

When you place your order to buy DHTML Menu Builder you receive a receipt of your purchase. This receipt has a number, the order number. This is all you'll need to be able to convert the downloadable DEMO into the fully registered version.

  • To start the registration process, download and install DHTML Menu Builder.
    If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can do so by clicking here.
  • Start DHTML Menu Builder by double clicking on the DHTML Menu Builder icon on your desktop.
  • From DHTML Menu Builder's main menu click on Register->Enter Registration Information
  • Enter your registration details. Remember to type your name and company exactly as you did in the purchase form. If you left the company field empty in the purchase form, do the same in the validation dialog.
    If you have lost your registration information you can get it back by using our "registration recovery" tool.
  • Click the Validate button.
  • When the validation process completes, click on the Register button. DHTML Menu Builder will restart as a fully functional application.
Registration Process

When registering DHTML Menu Builder, the information you type in the Registration dialog is submitted to our validation server for verification. No other information is submitted.
The validation server is located on our offices and only the company's president has access to this information.

Information we keep in our databases

The information in our databases include:

  • Registrant's name, company, phone and address
  • Number of copies purchased

A copy of your registration details is also maintained at RegNet's and RegNOW servers, as they are who process our transactions. If you used a credit card to purchase DHTML Menu Builder, the credit card information is never revealed to us. For more information about RegNet's and RegNOW's privacy statement click the appropriate links below:

Access to your personal details (except for the credit card number) is only available to xFX JumpStart's president.

Information transferred over the Internet when you click on the Validate button

The only information that will be transmitted is:

  • From DHTML Menu Builder to our validation server:

    • Your Order Number, as typed in the Order Number field.

    • Your Full Name, as typed in the User Name field.

    • Your Company Name, as typed in the Company field.

    • A special hash code generated by DHTML Menu Builder based on the product's internal and unique serial number to verify the authenticity of the request.

  • From our validation server back to DHTML Menu Builder:

    • A result indicating if the registration information is valid.

    • A server response based on the validation result. This data will never contain personal information, nor anything related to your person or the details included in the purchase receipt used to validate the request.

    • A hash code that DHTML Menu Builder uses to verify the authenticity of the response.

xFX JumpStart's Privacy Policy

xFX JumpStart guarantees that the information in our databases is never used for any means other than to keep a list of customers and use it to match the information provided in the DHTML Menu Builder's Registration dialog.

This information will never be shared with other people, companies or organizations.

We understand your privacy and highly respect it.