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This is a list of features supported by the menus created with the latest version of DHTML Menu Builder when viewed with the different supported browsers.

IE4+: The feature is supported by Internet Explorer 4.0 and above
NS4: The feature is supported by Navigator 4
NS6+: The feature is supported by Netscape 6 and above, all Mozilla-based browser, Opera, Safari and Konqueror.

 Style Features IE4+ NS4 NS6+
Windows Mac WindowsMacLinux WindowsMacLinux

Font type, size and style for both, the normal and mouse over states
DHTML Menu Builder even supports font substitutions and embedded fonts.
Click here to see a sample

Text alignment

Color settings
Text Color and background color for both, the normal and mouse over states

Image settings
Two images can be placed at both sides of its caption and one at the background. All images support rollover effects.
The images at the sides can be resized.
DHTML Menu Builder currently supports any type of image also supported by the browsers.
Flash Movies are also supported!
Click here to see a sample

Mouse pointer icon setting
Arrow (Default), Crosshair, Hand, Text (I-Beam) and Help
Under Internet Explorer custom cursors are also supported
Click here to see a sample

Border colors and thickness
Apply custom borders with raised, sunken, bevel effects to groups and commands.
For groups you can also use your own images

Click here to see a sample

Spacing settings
Easily control the contents margins and spacing between items

Unfolding effects a-la-Office style
Vertical, Horizontal, Bi-directional and Random
Also supported Advanced Unfolding Effects for Internet Explorer
Click here to see a sample

Cascading menus
Unlimited levels. Multiple alignment options are available to display the submenus in any way imaginable.
Click here to see a sample

Live Preview
Watch style changes in real time!

Special Effects
Add dropshadow, transparency and cool raised and sunken effects when the mouse passes over your items
Click here to see a sample

Auto Size Features
Let DHTML Menu Builder calculate the best size for your menus based on their contents or manually adjust it to better fit your needs.
Support for scrollable menus when the contents of the menus is too long.
Click here to see a sample

Menus Alignment
Configure your menus to align to the hotspots in any way you want
Actually you can choose from 12 different alignment settings or even use objects on your pages as positioning references.
Click here to see a sample

Commands Layout
Display Commands aligned either vertically or horizontally
Click here to see a sample

Specialized support for HTML tags in the items' caption
Make the caption of your items look they way you want by including HTML tags! Add bold words, multi line captions, etc...
Click here to see a sample


Scrolling Menus
Let your menus follow the browsers' scrollbars
Click here to see a sample

In-Menu Scrolling
With this special feature you can create very long menus and use the in-menu scrolling capability to scroll through all the menu options.
Click here to see a sample
Click here to see another sample

 Production Capabilities IE NS4 NS6
Windows Mac WindowsMacLinux WindowsMacLinux

100% Frames Support
Design menus that can be triggered from one frame and appear on another and display the links on some other frame
IFRAMEs are also supported since version 3.3
Smart Frames discovery was introduced in version 4.1; with this feature your menus can be used from within any number of nested frames even if you the frameset structure is unknown. This is specially useful when the web site hosting the menus will be used with a redirector (because redirectors often enclose your web site within a hidden nameless frame).
Click here to see a sample

Click here to see another sample
Click here to see another sample
Click here to see yet another sample

Search Engine Optimizations ()
Since version 4.20.002, DHTML Menu Builder can create alternate naviagtion systems that are fully compatible with search engines.
This alternate navigation system remains invisible to standard browsers but allows search engines to "see" the links on your menu items so that your web site is properly indexed.
Integrated Toolbars
Let DMB create a fully customizable toolbar for you
Position the toolbar anywhere, let the toolbar follow the browser's scrolling position, etc...
Create as many toolbars as you want. Advanced users can also define simple javascript functions to programmatically control the visibility state of any of the toolbars.
Click here to see a sample

Use elements on your page to trigger the menus!
With this unique feature you can use any image or text element on your page to trigger your menus.

Auto Menus Position
When using images as the hotspots, DMB will auto position the menus so they always stay aligned, regardless of the browser being resized!
You can even attach the menus to items on your page and use them as a position reference.
Click here to see a sample

Display Links in New Windows
You can launch links from your menus items into new windows and use DMB's integrated New Window Properties dialog to set all the parameters for the new browser window!

Share your Projects with co-workers
DMB implements many useful features specially designed to share the project with your co-workers by storing all the resources (such as the images) used by the project into a single file.
You can also create several configurations so you can work and compile your project from anywhere!

JavaScript Compression
DMB implements a unique method of compressing the code it generates so the compiled JavaScript files can be about 40% smaller!

Support for AddIns
You can keep expanding DMB's capabilities or customize its default behaviors through the use of AddIns.

Keyboard Navigation Support
Navigate the menus using the keyboard or the mouse!
Press the CTRL key to activate the keyboard support and use the arrow keys to navigate them.

Item highlight on Section
Reflect the section you're on the web site by highlighting the appropriate menu items. Do it easily without writing any code using the Item Highlight Wizard.
Click here to see a sample

Project Import
Easily import project settings and styles from another project

Presets Support
Create new projects from already existing presets or quickly change the style of your menus by importing the style from one of the available presets.
Reuse your projects' styles by saving them as presets.
You can also submit your own presets to the Online Catalog so others can use them.

Easily perform changes to your items using the search and replace feature

Easily Implement the menus on your web site
Using integrated, completely visual tools you can easily implement the menus on your web site with just a couple of mouse clicks!

Copy/Paste Styles
Use DMB's integrated advanced clipboard to easily copy the any style setting from one item and propagate it in any way you want to the other items in the project.

Advanced features
Display menus above form elements!
Automatically keep rollover effects created with Dreamweaver, FireWorks and ImageReady synchronized with your menus!
Implement and combine multiple menu projects into the same pages
Preview into multiple browsers right from within DHTML Menu Builder

Accessibility Features
Delay selection changes so users can make mistakes as they move the pointer (such as the mouse) over the different menu items; ideal for users with difficulties using the mouse or other alternate pointing devices
Display detailed tooltips about each menu item
Allow keyboard navigation of the menus
NOTE: Although these features will considerably improve their usability, the menus created with DHTML Menu Builder cannot be considered to comply with the WAI

 Miscellaneous IE NS4 NS6
Windows Mac WindowsMacLinux WindowsMacLinux

Localization (international version)
DHTML Menu Builder is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, and more...

-1 Partially working or partially supported

Important facts  you should know about DHTML Menu Builder:

  • The menus are rendered from an external JavaScript file. This offers the ability to the browsers to cache the file and provide faster downloads for your users.
  • The code used to call the external JavaScript file can be automatically included by DHTML Menu Builder for you.
  • DHTML Menu Builder stores the menus already rendered on the JavaScript file, so your users' machines are never used to render the menus.
    Large menus could freeze the client computer for up 30 seconds forcing your user into thinking his browser has crashed. This will never happen with DHTML Menu Builder... actually, the menus are available to the user even before the page has been completely rendered by the browser.
  • DHTML Menu Builder's advanced rendering engine is capable of producing 100% accurate results regardless the browser used and the platform from where is being ran.
  • The same rendering engine is capable of producing over 71,946 characters of compiled code in less than 7 seconds.
  • As of January 13, 2001, DHTML Menu Builder is the only application capable of producing DHTML-based menus compatible with Netscape Navigator 6.
  • As of May 4, 2001, DHTML Menu Builder is the only application capable of producing menus that work under Opera 5.
  • As of March 17, 2003, DHTML Menu Builder is the only application of its kind offering preliminary support to KHTML-based browser such as Safari and Konqueror.