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Understading the Positioning Controls

 Experience Required: Beginner


  Custom  ,

Offsets Horizontal

This page will help you understand how the Tools->Toolbars Editor->Positioning dialog works. The controls that you see at the top of the page look very much alike to those found on the Positioning dialog and they're all you'll need to control the position and alignment of your menus.

The first 9 dots represent the basic position and alignment that you want to use for your toolbar. Click on them to see how the toolbar is re-positioned.
Resize your browser to see how the toolbar keeps its position depending on the type of alignment you choose.

The tenth dot, Custom, will let you specify a fixed position for your toolbar. This option should only be used when your want to display the toolbar at a very specific position and you want it to preserve that position regardless of the browser's size.

Finally, you have the Offset parameters. Use them to tweak the position of the toolbar.
The Custom and Offset parameters accept both positive and negative numbers. A negative offset, for example, means that the direction of the offset will be inverted. So, if you use a vertical offset of -100, it means that the toolbar will be offset 100 pixels to the left instead of to the right.

NOTE: You may have noticed that we have not included the "Attached To" parameter, which allow you to use an image as reference to position the toolbars. We did it on purpose... because this parameter, although it simplifies the process of positioning your menus, is not necessary at all.