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Adding Form Elements to your menus!

 Experience Required: Moderate

The Caption property in DHTML Menu Builder is a very powerful parameter. All the contents in the Caption property are passed directly to the browser and interpreted as HTML contents.

Knowing this you may imagine the things you can do with the Caption parameter alone!

One of the most cool things is adding form elements.
Let's say that you would like to offer your users the ability to send you an email directly from the menus; or perhaps offer a search form right inside the menus. Well, you can.

You just need to design the form using your preferred HTML editor and then pasting the code into the Caption property.

We have created a small sample to illustrate this feature. Click here to download it now.

There're two things you must control, manually, when adding HTML code to your commands:

1) When adding HTML tags to the Caption of a menu item, DHTML Menu Builder will treat this information as part of the text you want to display and the menus will become very wide. To control the width of your menu select the group, click on Menu->Special Effect and set the width manually. The best way to do this is to use the Calculate button to let DHTML Menu Builder calculate the optimal width of the group before you insert the HTML code; then, when you paste the code the width of the group will remain the same.

2) When using forms or some other HTML tags the resulting command may grow vertically but DHTML Menu Builder will not be able to detect this behavior cropping the menu items' contents. To avoid this from happening add as many <br> tags at the end of your HTML code until DHTML Menu Builder properly calculates the height of your command. Take a look at the form code we added to the sample provided in this page and you will see that we had to add 3 <br> tags to force the command to become taller so the contents could fit properly.