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Create Collapsible Menus for DHTML Menu Builder 4.20.007
Version 1.6 (updated 20/May/2007)

 Experience Required: Moderate

Just what was missing from DHTML Menu Builder... collapsible menus... that is, menus that expand and collapse depending on the menu items being displayed.

At this point we feel very confident to say that there's virtually nothing that this program cannot do! You can create, pulldown menus, tree-like menus and with this powerful AddIn Collapsible menus!

How it works The AddIn uses the menu information from the program and modifies the way the menus are rendered to create an expandable and hierarchically organized list of menu options.

You simply design your menus using a vertically aligned toolbar and the AddIn will do the rest!
All the colors, font types, images and special effects from the menus will be automatically adapted to the generated collapsible menus.

Special Considerations There're some things that you must keep in mind in order to ensure that the generated collapsible menus work as expected:

  • The AddIn supports vertically aligned toolbars only.
    Toolbars that are horizontally aligned will be ignored.

  • The same way, the "Commands Layout" parameter must be set to vertical on all groups that are part of a collapsible menu.

  • The default event used to display menus is the "over", however, the compiled menus will respond to the "click" event.
    This is the desired behavior for collapsible menus.
    The AddIn will automatically convert the "Display SubMenu" action from the "Over" event to the "Click" event.

  • The generated Collapsible Menus are not compatible with Netscape Navigator 4

  • The indentation of the menus is not calculated automatically. Use the File->Project Properties->Menus Offset dialog to set the indentation of the menus.

  • When implementing multiple toolbars inside the same project only the first toolbar can be the "collapsible" one. All other toolbars will be ignored and will be rendered as standard toolbars.
Sample 1
Basic I
Sample 2
Basic II
Sample 3
Auto Expand
Sample 4
Free Flow
Sample 5
Third State
Sample 6
Multiple Menus

Support The use of this or any other AddIn is not supported by xFX JumpStart.
If this or any other AddIn is causing problems you may report it on the public forum but xFX JumpStart takes no responsibility and makes no guarantees about the menus' stability.

Advanced Features The AddIn provides the ability to programatically expland a menu item by calling the ExpandMenu() function. This is helpful if you want to keep a menu (or a series of menus) open even after clicking on a link. This is often used to show the user the section of the web site where he/she is at. To use this function simply call it with the caption of the menu item that you want to expand. For example, if you have a menu item called "My Prodycts" use this code to expand it:
<script language="JavaScript">ExpandMenu("My Products");</script>
This feature can be seen in action in the Sample 3

Introduced in version 1.1 the AddIn can now apply a third style to the selected menu items.
This feature is demonstrated in the Sample 5

Intrduced in version 1.4, the AddIn can now convert multiple toolbars into collapsible menus. This feature is demonstrated in the Sample 6

Download Click the link below to download the samples
NOTE: The latest version of the AddIn is already included with the latest version of DHTML Menu Builder