xFXMixer is now available!

Thursday, Oct 09, 2003

Part of the samples package included with the MixerPRO library, xFXMixer is a powerful utility developed with the audio professional in mind.

xFXMixer is the perfect substitution for the mixer application included with Windows.
It will let you create your own custom mixers combining different lines and controls from all of your sound cards right from within the same interface and accessible through a single click of the mouse!

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MixerPRO is now available!

Wednesday, Oct 08, 2003

The first product to ever be sold by xFX JumpStart was EQPro...
Today we say goodbye to EQPro and welcome MixerPRO

MixerPRO is a very powerful tool intended for developers who need complete access over the different controls provided by one or multiple sound cards.

Control the volume from any line, set mute states, define recording sources and a lot more... with ease and with the minimum code possible!

Simpler to use than EQPro and twice as powerful makes MixerPRO the perfect solution for those developers who need to access the Windows mixer API and don't want to get involved in its complexity.

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