100,231 users say PopUp Killer is the best!!!

Friday, Apr 4, 2001

In just 14 days 100,231 users have downloaded PopUp Killer from download.com!!!

Isn't that cool?!


xFX JumpStart hacked again
for the third time this year!

Sunday, Apr 29, 2001

This time hackers seem to have to found the username and password for the FTP account used to upload the black list of popups from PopUp Killer.

They uploaded some kind of trojan application, but fortunately they weren't able to execute it.

What were they trying to do? What are they looking for?


PopUp Killer 1.9.5
is now available!

Monday, Apr 23, 2001

PopUp Killer 1.9.5 features a new version of the "GeoCities BOX" support which will work on ANY version of Windows.

Click here to download it now.