Old News
October 1998

Monday, Oct 19, 1998
I've detected a bug in PopUp Killer version 1.5.x, which is causing an annoying Overflow error.

Please get this patch to fix such error.

NOTE: If this is the first time you're installing PopUp Killer you don't need the patch, since it is already included in the updated setup program, so... simply go to the download area and get the full setup.


Saturday, Oct 17, 1998
The long awaited and highly requested
Finally I've taken the time to make a more decent version of this control.

The VU control is a simple ActiveX component, which graphically displays the audio output signal of your sound card, just as any real VU meter.

For more information go directly to the VU section.


Thursday, Oct 15, 1998
Nice Folders 2.0 beta
Nice Folders 2.0 is almost done... I just need two people who would like to beta test it for me.

The only requirements are:

  • Expert knowledge about the use of Windows 95/98/NT
  • You must have used Nice Folders 1.0

So, if you're interested in becoming a beta tester, simply drop me a line.

Click here to know more about Nice Folders 2.0 main features.


Friday, Oct 9, 1998
Read what people is saying about PUK...
You're not sure if PopUp Killer is the right popup window closer application for you?

Check what current users are saying about it...


Thursday, Oct 8, 1998
PopUp Killer Update
Since the release of PopUp Killer 1.5 a week ago, I'd notice a bug which affected the Sync option.

Click here to get this patch.
For more information about this patch, click here.


Monday, Oct 5, 1998
EQPro 1.0 is now available!
At last! EQPro is now available ad its free!!!

Click here to get some more information about it...


Thursday, Oct 1, 1998
PopUp Killer 1.5
A new version of PopUp Killer is now available... click here to get the full details!


Thank you!
I wish to thank all the people who has sent ideas on the name xmPlayer final version should have.

xmPlayer final release is almost done. We're now working on several details, such as code optimization and a complete help system.

Keep watching for news about xmPlayer final release.