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Updated Installer for DXVUMeterNET 4.0
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Fri, Oct 26, 2012

DXVUMeterNET depends, basically, on just two components:

This new installer properly detects missing dependencies and provides the appropriate download option to update the host system to meet the requirements, solving a number of issues present in older versions of the installer.

So, if you have ever had problems installing DXVUMeterNET, please, try this new version of the installer.

Also, as of this writing, I can confirm that DXVUMeterNET works perfectly under Microsoft's latest and "greatest" version of Windows.

DXVUMeterNETGDI 4.0 is now available
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Wed, Aug 08, 2012

The most important change in version 4.0 is that it no longer requires nor depends on the Microsoft DirectX SDK and, instead, uses the, highly superior, SlimDX framework.
This not only means that you no longer need to download a +20MB SDK, but it also prevents the dreaded LoaderLock issue, making projects that utilize DXVUMeterNET more stable while working inside the Visual Studio IDE.

Also, this version includes some important and considerable enhancements to both its internal audio buffer provider as well as the FFT library, resulting in the most stable, accurate and powerful version of DXVUMeterNET ever released. Of course, not to mention the huge improvements in performance.

Although almost every single algorithm has been enhanced in this version (for both performance as well as accuracy and stability purposes), the Fast Fourier engine is the one that has received the most attention, resulting in a huge improvement over every other version of the control.

As always, make sure you first use the DXVUMeterNET Tester application (included with the default setup for the control) for an overview of all the new features and to have a peak of the spectacular performance and accuracy provided by this version.

DXVUMeterNETGDI 3.1 is now available
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Sat, Nov 27, 2010
The official final release of DXVUMeterNETGDI is now available. This version now substitutes the old DirectX-based version providing a huge number of new features, improvements and unsurpassed stability.

Here's what's new in this version:

  • The library has been recompiled to use .NET 4.0
  • The FFT algorithm has been considerably enhanced and it now uses an internal complex number data type which, not only makes my life a lot easier, but it also has a considerable impact on the performance.
  • A new visualization (FFTLineChannelMode) called "Phase" has been added, which performs a phase detection between the left and right channels.
  • A new display style for the FFT analysis (FFTStyle) called "TransferFunction" has been added, which performs an advanced analysis over the left and right signals, using the signal from the left channel as a reference.
  • The DTMF detection algorithm has also been improved allowing the detection of DTMF tones even under noisy conditions. It also now supports the detection of the A, B, C and D keys, Dial Tone, Busy Tone and Ringback Tone.
  • Fixed a nasty bug with the Freq2FFTIdx() and FFTIdx2Freq() functions.
  • Included two new samples: CenterFrequency and SilenceTrigger.
  • The documentation has also been updated to reflect the latest changes in the control.

DXVUMeterNETGDI Beta 2 is now available
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Tue, Mar 23, 2010
This version implements all the missing features from the previous release and improves its stability and performance.

Also, this version includes a release of MixerProNET that, although not 100% compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, it will still work, solving many problems that occurred with previous versions.

DXVUMeterNETGDI Beta 1 is now available
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Tue, Oct 28, 2008
I'm really exited to release the first beta version of DXVUMeterNETGDI.

As I have explained before, this new version of DXVUMeterNET uses GDI+ instead of DirectX as its rendering engine making it less resource intensive.

If you have already built a project using the DirectX version of DXVUMeterNET and you would like to test this release you just have to change the reference on your project to point to DXVUMeterNETGDI.dll and then recompile -- as simple as that.

Also, as previously announced, this version includes a new sample application (with source code) called BPMDetection which demonstrates yet another type of program that can be created with DXVUMeterNET

BPM Detection -- a DXVUMeterNETGDI sample application

Although not perfect, this rather simple application is capable of perfoming an automated detection of the beats per minute (BPM) of any audio stream being monitored by DXVUMeterNETGDI.

DXVUMeterNETGDI Comming Soon
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Tue, Sep 16, 2008
In the upcoming days I will be releasing a new version of DXVUMeterNET that utilizes GDI+ instead of Direct3D to perform the rendering.

Although GDI+ is considerably slower than Direct3D, it is enough to allow DXVUMeterNET to render its different modes while providing a more lightweight control.

This version will be 100% compatible with the Direct3D version so if you decide to use it you will only need to update the reference on your project and recompile it.

Also, with the release of DXVUMeterNET I will include a new sample application that can be used to perform BPM detection. The sample uses a very similar algorithm used by many popular applications such as Tracktor, although it may not be as accurate but still it makes a pretty nice example of the things you can do with DXVUMeterNET.

Having fun with DXVUMeterNET
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Tue, Feb 12, 2008
DXVUMeterNET is an extremely powerful .NET library which can be used to perform many different tasks.

I, for example, have found some very curious and cool things that can be done with it... so I decided to create a special section where I will showcase some of the most interesting things that I have done with this control

You will be able to find these sample applications here. In this section you will find unusual, but very cool, applications developed using DXVUMeterNET and, whenever possible, I will make the source code available.

DXVUMeterNET 3.0.6 is now available
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Fri, Oct 05, 2007
This version enhances the display algorithms which makes it quite faster than previous versions.

Also, there's a new function "LoopbackLine", added to the RecordingSources collection which provides direct access to any line that can be used as a loopback line, that is, a line that can be used to record (or monitor) whatever it is being played through the sound card. This can be extremely useful to easily locate the line that must be used to allow DXVUMeterNET to monitor the audio being played back on a sound card.

The DXVUMeterNET Tester application makes use of this new function and highlights the loopback line on the Mixer window so that can be easily selected.

DXVUMeterNET Installer Updated
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Sat, Mar 10, 2007
This new version of the installer should resolve some issues that could cause crashes on systems without VisualStudio 2005
This version also installs three new samples and their source code.

DXVUMeterNET is now available
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Thu, Apr 27, 2006

You already know that DXVUMeterNET includes some of the most amazing audio rendering modes such as the well known digital leds display, oscilloscope mode and the professional-featured FFT/Spectrum display. But, DXVUMeterNET also provides means for developers to create their own displays either using GDI+ or DirectX.

As seen in this movie, you can see a custom display created using CGI+ that renders semi-circular digital leds and an impressive rotating cubes digital leds display...

DXVUMeterNET now supports recording in MP3 format
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Mon, Jan 23, 2006

This new release of DXVUMeterNET provides several bug fixes, a new sample application (an Automatic Gain Control for Winamp) and the ability to record the monitored audio in MP3 format!

DXVUMeterNET 3.0 Release Candidate is here!
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Wed, Nov 23, 2005

The release candidate for DXVUMeterNET is now available for download.
This version is based on the new .NET 2.0 and the latest DirectX 9 version which provides enhanced stability and performance.

DXVUMeterNET features the ability to display monitored audio using highly customizable leds, oscilloscope, spectrum (FFT) and two additional user modes so you can provide your own custom audio displays.
In this version we have added a new spectrum display mode under the FFT style and the ability to detect DTMF tones.

DirectX 9 August Update
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Thu, Sep 15, 2005

We have just re-released DXVUMeterNET so it can be properly used with Microsoft's latest DirectX 9 SDK (August update).

This release is more stable (thanks to the updated SDK) and it also fixes a problem with the installer which wasn't installing all the required files for the sample application "DXVUMeter Tester".
This version also provides a highly enhanced rendering engine which considerably reduces the required CPU resources.

DXVUMeterNET Beta 2 is now available
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Thu, Apr 07, 2005

This beta fixes lots of bugs and implements playback support. Among the most important fixes are:

  • Fixed problem with the control suddenly disappearing and displaying an either black or gray background
  • Recorded files may have contained an invalid header which caused problems with some editors such as Sound Forge
  • The FFT display could cause the control to crash when changing the FFT Size
  • The control could stop working after a prolonged period of time

With this release we're almost ready to make DXVUMeterNET officially available as a final product. Please report any bugs you find...

DXVUMeterNET has been updated
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Tue, Jan 25, 2005

This update to the current beta version of DXVUMeterNET should resolve the problem regarding a missing Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound dependency.

The new installer will now check for the proper versions of the .NET Framework and Managed DirectX before installing DXVUMeterNET and will provide means of downloading these components so the control can be properly installed.

The long awaited DXVUMeterNET is here!
DXVUMeterNET Home  DXVUMeterNET Download  DXVUMeterNET Support Thu, Nov 11, 2004

Well... not quite. This is the first public beta and there're still a couple of things that need to be done in order to consider DXVUMeterNET a terminated product. But, even though it's still a beta it is quite impressive!